13 Things to Do Before a Carpet Cleaner Arrives

13 Things To Do Before The Carpet Cleaner Arrives 

You’ve dusted, vacuumed, and rented a carpet shampooer, yet you can still see the years of shoes, paws, and whatever else has been drug through your home. Finally, you decide it’s time to call in the professionals! But now you might wonder, what to do before the carpet cleaner arrives? Yes, we will work our magic to remove stubborn cigarette smoke smells, persistent pet fur, and invasive dust mites. However, following these few simple steps before we get there can set your carpets up for the best cleaning and success! We can’t wait to share how you can help us transform your business, home, or workspace with little effort. Here are 13 things to do before the carpet cleaner arrives.   

1. Give Your Carpet Cleaning Company A Call

First and foremost, give your carpet cleaning company a quick phone call. A professional carpet cleaning company is ready for and happy to answer any and all questions you might have. Most quality companies will even send you a quick and simple checklist of ways to prepare before they arrive to set you up for success. In addition, some companies offer things like moving furniture at their cost or for an additional fee or a discount if you only want them to clean high-traffic areas.  Before checking absolutely every item off of this list, potentially save yourself some time and energy by giving your carpet cleaning team a call!    Things to do before a carpet cleaner arrives

2. Vacuum, If Need Be

This is why it is a great idea to call your cleaning company first. Some companies prefer to handle each step independently, including all the vacuuming. Other companies encourage you to do a quick pre-visit pass with the vacuum. The pre-pass doesn’t need to be super thorough as it is usually recommended to check for loose items and save time.  In addition, most carpet cleaning companies charge by the square footage of the space – not an hourly rate. However, removing dirt and debris from the top layer can help the carpet cleaner immediately focus on the deeper dirt in the fibers.  

3. Pick-Up Full-Length Draperies

Whether you need to pin, rubber band, toss them over the curtain rods, or take them off the curtain rods, have your drapes at least six inches off the ground for the cleaning visit. Having the fabric off the ground will protect them from moisture and any damage from the heavy-duty cleaning equipment. We suggest taking the opportunity to remove the drapes and run them through the washing machine. This gives your whole room a clean refresh and stops dirty drapes from dropping dust onto your freshly cleaned carpets.  

4. Save Your Walls!

A professional carpet cleaning crew has a lot of equipment, such as large hoses and cords. Unfortunately, while this equipment is effective at cleaning, the hoses and cords can leave unsightly black marks on baseboards, doorways, and corners. Using good-quality painter’s tape to block any areas where cords might brush up is a good idea.    Things to do before a carpet cleaner arrives

5. Pick-Up The Floor 

Your floors might resemble a toy store if you have pets or children. Toys, crafts, and projects litter your floor for most of the day. Make sure to remove everything from the carpet. It is easy to suck up loose toys with the powerful suction of professional carpet cleaning equipment.   

6. No Things Left Behind 

Right before the carpet cleaning crew arrives, comb over your carpet closely—Double-check for any items you might have missed the first time. For example, a stray earring, bobby pins, or small pieces of lego. In addition, take another look at the spots previously hidden by furniture.  

7. Start Cleaning At The Top 

You’ve done it! The professional carpet cleaners have come and gone, and your carpets look better than when you first moved in! Time to relax, turn on the ceiling fan, and… watch a cloud of dust descend onto your masterpiece! Dusting from the top down is a good idea before having professionals clean your carpets. Things that are often forgotten by the dust rag include ceiling fans, the top of bookshelves, and lamps. Best to remove dust from all surfaces above your carpet cleaning!  

8. Move Precious Delicate Items

While a professional carpet cleaning company will treat your home and belongings with care and respect, sometimes accidents happen. Moving any heirlooms, collections, sentimental, and fragile items to another area while the carpet cleaners work their magic is best. If you or the carpet cleaning team plan to remove furniture, move it beforehand to avoid extra work or the risk of rushing and accidentally breaking something precious in the process.   Things to do before a carpet cleaner arrives

9. Where Should The Carpet Cleaners Focus?

Take note of the biggest problem areas on your carpet. Is there a stubborn red wine stain in the corner? A spot on the carpet that fell victim to a stray strand of spaghetti? What about your puppy’s favorite potty place while you were potting training? While a reputable carpeting cleaning company will strive to offer a top-quality clean throughout your home, writing down problem spots is helpful! Write down where each place is and what you believe caused the stain. Then share the information with the carpet cleaner before they start. The origin of a stain will tell a carpet cleaning team what approach to take in effectively removing it.   Things to do before a carpet cleaner arrives

10. Outside You Go Pets

Your pets might be sweethearts. However, cleaning equipment combined with strangers in the house is often stressful for them and stressful for your carpet cleaning crew. When your pet is struggling, it makes cleaning a lot more challenging. In addition, many carpet cleaners use a truck-mounted system. These systems require a door to the driveway or street stays open. You don’t want a scared or excited pet to escape! Next, the carpet needs to dry, and stray pet fur can go everywhere and easily stick on damp carpets. Finally, the solution used can harm pets if they lick it.  

11. Move Small Pieces Of Furniture

If you have small end tables, chairs, ottomans, coffee tables, or other light pieces that are easy to relocate for the day, it’s best to move them. Your carpet cleaner can clean around the furniture, but you will get a much better clean. In addition, your cleaner will be more efficient and effective without small pieces of furniture blocking the way.  As for the big pieces of furniture, refer to tip number 1. it is best to call your company before moving any big pieces. Chat with them about how large pieces of furniture will impact the cleaning process, if at all. It is often best to leave larger furniture pieces in their place – especially if you don’t plan on moving them anytime soon.   

12. Where To Park?

Give your carpet cleaning crew a warm welcome with an ideal parking spot ready to go when they arrive. If you have a driveway full of vehicles, moving cars out of the driveway is best. If you don’t have a driveway, clear out the spots closest on the street to your home. Ideally, carpet cleaners should park as close as possible to use their equipment more effectively and easily. If you live on a crowded city street with limited parking, offer tips for street parking before they arrive.   

13. Do You Have A Post-Cleaning Plan?

Most companies recommend keeping your entire family (including the furry members) off the carpet for up to 24 hours. Having a plan in place for where your family will stay while the carpets are drying can save you carpet cleaning heartache. Make sure to schedule your carpet cleaning ahead of time if you have an upcoming party or event. If you need to walk across the freshly cleaned carpet before the 24 hours, grab a freshly-washed pair of socks before stepping onto the surface. Try to wait as long as possible before walking across it. If the carpets at your office are the ones getting clean, make sure it is on a day that you close the business to your customers to ensure no foot traffic while the cleaners work and the carpet dries. We hope you found this simple list of things to do before the carpet cleaner arrives helpful. Finding a quality, trustworthy company is a challenge. If you live in northeast Alabama and need a top-quality carpet cleaner, look no further than Klean-Co! We pride ourselves on offering top-quality, professional tools and knowledgeable, friendly, and timely customer service! So call us to see how we can clean your carpets in time! Interested in learning more about how we clean carpets? Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages! 

Published: September 2, 2022
Author: Klean-Co
Categories : Carpet Cleaning