Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire Damage Restoration Services in east alabama

At Klean-Co, we understand the challenges of starting the restoration process after a catastrophic event. Our certified team, recognized by IICRC, is dedicated to working with you and your insurance to alleviate the stress. Restoring your property to its pre-damage condition is our top priority. We offer comprehensive smoke and fire damage restoration services and a service guarantee.

What You Need In A Fire Restoration Company

Enduring a fire is emotionally, financially, physically, and mentally stressful. A big part of navigating the mess is choosing the right company to restore your property. Try to find a company that will work with your home insurance company. 

 Any company you talk to should happily provide you with the following information: 

  • A copy of their state contracting license
  • Copies of the liability insurance. You want to check the amounts that cover the value of your property, as many contractors lack insurance.
  • Copies of their workers’ compensation insurance
  • Fire damage-related references from past customers.
  • An estimate and timeline for the repairs in writing
  • A warranty for the repair work needs to be in writing.
  • Examples (including pictures) of previous work

Always do some quick research and take recommendations from trusted friends. Bring red flags or negative reviews to the company’s attention. Then, inquire how the company dealt with these accusations. Reading online reviews is a fantastic way to see how a company goes above and beyond to provide quality customer service. 

Filing fire damage claims to the insurance company can be the straw that breaks your emotional sanity after enduring the stress of a house fire. Instead of wresting with these claims, find a trusted company like Klean-Co, which works with your insurance company directly to remove any extra stress.

Damages We Take Care Of:

Klean-Co handles all aspects of fire damage repair. Here are a few of the many ways we will restore your home.

  • Repair your drywall
  • Check for mold or water damage. 
  • Texture and painting
  • Flooring repairs, including offering quality floor cleaning, repairing wood floors, carpet, tile, vinyl, marble
  • Air Duct Cleaning 
  • Structural repairs, including exterior repairs, roof repairs, and framing repairs


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Our Fire Damage Restoration Service Process 

No matter the property’s size or the damage amount, we’ll arrive prepared to tackle the fire damage restoration. We’ll get more information and make an appointment for your assessment. During our walk-through, we’ll assess the level of damage and look for signs of mold and water damage. We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to test your belongings and the structure. Our techs will be able to see both evident and hidden damage for a complete assessment. From there, we’ll offer a comprehensive estimate covering our repair recommendations.

Fire damage restoration services from start to finish

Once you approve our quote, we’ll quickly start working on the fire damage restoration. We work with your insurance to avoid any headaches in the restoration process. While results aren’t immediate, our team is quick and efficient during every step. Our technicians provide restoration services that include:

  • Air filtering and quality testing
  • Removing damaged materials and items
  • Treating odors, including in air ducts
  • Managing structural and cosmetic repairs

Our Fire Restoration Service Promise

From providing an honest analysis of the damage done to your home to restoring the structure of your home to its former beauty, Klean-Co is here for you during every step of the process. We’ll answer all your questions, keep you updated, and stay involved, providing support, knowledge, and guidance. We promise always to show up and give you our best through our expertly trained team. Our team stays current on the latest fire damage detection, giving you peace of mind that we will restore your property correctly. Klean-Co is proud to offer a satisfaction guarantee on all services rendered.